Solving The Organizing Puzzle is the book co-authored by Karen Simon & Donna McMillan. Why a puzzle? The process of becoming organized is like putting together a puzzle!
     In jigsaw puzzle terms, “keys” and “locks” define the shape of pieces that interlock to form a completed puzzle. In this book, we introduce the four organizing principles (keys) and how they apply to each piece of your life - space, time, information, technology. They lock together to complete the picture of you!
     Just like products, there are TONS of organizing tips out there. In order to find the ones that work for you, you must change the way you see and think about your stuff, your environment, your info and your time.
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When you think about getting organized, what's making you the CRAZIEST?! Getting organized first requires an understanding of how things got so crazy in the first place. Living an organized life requires skills.

Solving The Organizing Puzzle gives you the answers to...
-Stop digging and using the Puppy Dog Method to find things
-Keep clutter from invading your Precious Space
-Ward off the Bandits that steal your time
-Make Tech Tools work FOR you, not against you
-Combat Information Overload

Are you ready to stop living in frantic chaos every day and take control? Solving the Organizing Puzzle gives you the missing pieces to put your life together and FINALLY get organized!

About The Authors

Donna D. McMillan and Karen L. Simon founded Island Organizers to provide services to get clients started on their organizing journey. They co-authored Solving The Organizing Puzzle to help people use the keys to organizing by interlocking these puzzle pieces into every aspect of their lives!

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"It is motivating to know that, with the proper guidance, one can make positive changes that will result in greater productivity, efficiency and most importantly, greater quality of life."

-- High School Athletic Director, Father of 3
"It feels like they're WITH me as I'm reading!"
-- Retired business owner and grandmother
"By using a philosophical approach to discuss organizing, I think you reach a wider audience and truly convey the idea that different techniques and strategies work for different people- there is no single way to do it."
-- College Student

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